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Magnetic Particle Inspection – MPI

Magnetic Particle Inspection – MPI

MPI Standard Practice

MPI Utilizes wet and dry magnetic particle inspection with black light for the inspection of thread end areas and body’s. This Inspection technique is used on bottom hole assembles including drill pipe drill collars, stabilizers, heavy weight drill pipe subs, and various type of rotary and handling equipment. We also perform this inspection on hoisting tools such as elevators, bails and all other rig equipment.

MPI for New and Used Tubules

A transversely oriented DC magnetic field is induced into the tube and iron powder is applied to the outside surface. The powder is attracted to and outlines variations in the magnetic field created by the defects. The variations are then proved up to ensure that they will not affect the performance of the tubular.

Other services

We have an individual approach to each client using some methods of nondestructive testing or inspection services:

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(Русский) Инспекция подъемного оборудования

(Русский) Неразрушающий контроль с помощью магнитопорошковой дефектоскопии, ультразвукового контроля и контроль методом …

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